Sisbrill Car Plastics, Leather and Rubber Conditioner

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Sisbrill Car protects and recovers plastics, leather and rubber, achieving a dry and completely renewed finish.

Recovery - Seeing the plastics of our gray and sunburned cars we may think that there is no solution.

Thanks to Sisbrill Car we will see how they recover their original appearance instantly. The treated pieces will recover their appearance and color, giving them a satin finish and a dry touch.

Protection - Its formula protects against UV radiation, repelling dust and water. After applying it, cleaning is much easier and faster. In Interiors it provides a satin tone, protecting and improving the finish of the plastic and the dashboard, nourishing the leather parts. Outdoors, Sisbrill Car restores the tone to the treated plastics.

Durability - We will perceive a high resistance to the passage of time, which will allow us to observe how the duration reaches up to 4-6 months in exterior plastics. The treated pieces recover their original aesthetics, resisting cleaning with a pressure machine.

Versatility - We can use it on all types of skins/leather as well as on plastic parts, rubber, dashboards, tires and belts, preventing annoying squeaks.

Volume: 750 ml.

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