Sislim Microfiber Glove

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This microfiber glove is the ideal complement for all of you who are starting out in the world of detailing.

Its high resistance allows it to be used on underbody, rims, wheel arches and even as a complement to the removal of interior dust.

Its construction and softness allow it to be used on paint in combination with a highly lubricating shampoo. For more advanced users we recommend the use of Merino wool gloves.

During washing, dust and dirt are trapped inside the microfiber strands to be released into the bucket with water. In this way we will keep the entire bodywork free of swirls and brands.

The strands of microfiber are highly absorbent, which delivers a large amount of soapy water with each pass that lubricates and reduces friction against the paint.

Leaves no residue or lint. Various colors available.

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