RedOne Ferric Decontaminant 1L

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When we see a ferric decontaminant in person we will undoubtedly feel its peculiar smell, which is why we can say that the name No Bad Smell fits perfectly with RedOne.

Thanks to its composition, when we spray RedOne we will notice a soft fragrance without the peculiar smell of other decontaminants.

When applied on the sheet we will observe how it reacts, completely eliminating the ferrous microaccumulations , thus leaving the surface completely free of contamination. Its use is especially indicated for sheet metal, rims and glass.

When talking about its characteristics, its high lubrication stands out, which makes it easier to handle by preventing the formation of swirls (micro-scratches).

Contains neutral pH .

Using it is very simple, we will spray the surface to be treated and we will see how it instantly turns reddish in color when it comes into contact with the ferrous particles, after which we will rinse it.

Having a decontaminated car has never been so pleasant.

Available formats: 1 and 5 liters.


1º Previously wash the area to be treated.

2º Once clean and cold, apply the product and, immediately, it will turn a reddish color.

3º Wait 3 to 5 minutes.

4º Rinse the area with plenty of water.

5º It can be used on wet surfaces.

* Pay attention to brake calipers and plastic parts

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