Igol Race Factory Rallye 5w50 5L

Igol Race Factory Rallye 5w50 5L

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RACE FACTORY RALLYE is a 100% synthetic oil, multiplied with high performance, high protection against wear and reduction of internal friction. 5W-50 oil suitable for modern gasoline or diesel engines, naturally aspirated, turbo-charged or multi-valve, that operate with all types of fuels, in all service conditions: sports driving, highway, highway or door-to-door.

Its synthetic-based formulation and special additives (molybdenum and bismuth) give it the following performances:
  • Great fluidity at low temperatures, which allows optimal engine start-up lubrication
  • Superior thermal stability than conventional oils, avoiding the formation of high and low temperature deposits
  • Low volatility (thanks to its SAE 50 hot grade), ensuring minimum oil consumption
  • Molybdenum (polar additive) binds to the lubricated metal parts and allows to reduce the friction coefficient of the parts in contact between 15 and 50%
  • Bismuth optimizes the action of the sulfur contained in the oil and improves the anti-wear performance of the lubricant.
Builders approvals:

BMW - MB 229.1
VOLKSWAGEN - VW 502.00/505.00

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