De-icing Windshield Defrosting

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When the first frosts appear we can feel how the cold affects our vehicles. By spraying Des-Helante on the windshield and windows of our cars we will see how the snow, frost and ice melt quickly, turning into a very significant color.

Its composition allows it to be used on paint, polycarbonate lenses, rubber and plastics, without affecting or dulling the tone.

After applying Des-Helante you will notice how the treated surface remains free of residue, cleaner and more transparent.

Its advanced formula is more respectful of the environment and living beings (it is free of the usual ethylene glycol

Use it directly on windows, brake calipers and locks blocked by ice, to achieve vigorous and rapid removal of ice.

Quantity: 500ml

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Spray on the surface to be defrosted starting from the top and let the product act.

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