Guarantees and Returns

Before making any type of return, you must call us on the phone 982441021 or 610337998 to expedite subsequent procedures.

Inquiries regarding merchandise returns and processing of guarantees should preferably be made by e-mail to the following address: and must include "RETURN" or "GUARANTEE" in the subject field , as appropriate.

The e-mail must contain the following information:

- Name of the company or buyer.
- Phone.
- Delivery note or invoice number related to the product object of the query.
- Reference and description of the article.

Return request

Return Requests must be made exclusively to the Warranty and Returns Department , who will authorize or reject, if applicable, said return.

You must send the products in perfect condition and with their original packaging , including all accessories. It is important that you return the products perfectly packaged and with a copy of the delivery note, which requests the return, and a brief statement of the reasons for the return.

Requirements that the returned merchandise will have to meet

- The return has been authorized by Recambios Fervauto.
- The return of products that are manipulated will not be accepted.
- The time elapsed since the Return Authorization does not exceed 10 calendar days.
- Transportation costs on behalf of the client (unless otherwise indicated).

Once we receive the items in our warehouses and verify that the previous conditions are met, we will proceed to refund the amount, repair or replace the item.

Transportation Incidents

In the event of any anomaly (defect in packaging, etc.) in the condition of the product due to transport, a period of 24 hours is established. to communicate the incident to the guarantees and returns department of Recambios Fervauto, having previously reflected on the transport note the incident with the material received. Claims received after the deadline will not be attended to .

Processing of guarantees for products sold

Any product that is sold and must be sent to us for repair must arrive accompanied by the sales invoice, otherwise it will be treated as equipment without warranty.

Warranty conditions:

The merchandise for which the guarantee is requested must meet the following requirements:

- Defects or breakages caused by accident, mistreatment, blows, improper use, or cleaning with inappropriate products are excluded from the guarantee.
- No credits, returns or exchanges of parts will be made due to improper handling.

All the products that we offer on our website have the manufacturer's commercial warranty .