V60 Sport Clean Wheels 1L

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With a pH in the Neutral range , V60 Sport safely removes the most embedded ferode on any type of tire without rubbing .

The great advance represented by the NEUTRAL wheel cleaners with ferric decontaminant is now enhanced by the innovative V60 GECKO SPRAY effect.

Inspired by the nature of the Gecko, V60 sport is NO LONGER A viscous GEL, we have transformed it into a VAPORIZED formed by thousands of microparticles that come out uniformly from the spray gun, adhering to the surface of the tire just as the tire leg would do. a GECKO, without falling or sliding!!!

This vaporization, by creating a very thin layer, allows us to significantly save product .

And the best, up to half an hour of action ... without drying out. Thus, the most embedded ferrous particles are weakened, making them easier to clean WITHOUT RUBING.

Of course, finish the cleaning by rinsing with a Pressure Machine.

Available formats: 1 and 5 liters.

How to use

1st Spray on the rim to be cleaned using a Zigzag movement at 30 cm.

2nd Let it sit for several minutes (5 to 15 minutes)

3rd Rinse with Pressure Machine.

* For an optimal finish, clean the tire with P neuClean and condition with E bony.

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