QuitaOooxido Rust Eliminator Gel 1L

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Designed to treat any amount of rust, QuitaOooxidos is a powerful water-based rust remover .

It works by dissolving and eliminating the treated oxide layer, allowing the metal to recover its original color.

It does not generate stains on the metal unlike any transformer.

We can use it on any type of alloy , as well as ferric oxide stains or scale.

The gel format helps to achieve extra grip on any surface.

Available formats: 1 and 5 liters.


1st Shake before use

2ºApply to the surface to be treated with a brush or any other type of applicator

3º Wait up to 4 hours. If the rust persists, clean the surface with water and reapply QuitaOooxido gel, repeating the process as many times as necessary until the rust is completely removed.

4º When the rust is completely removed, clean the surface with water, then dry it properly and protect if necessary.

The product can be used by immersion of the piece or by applying it directly to the material (gel format).

On chrome, galvanized and metallic finished surfaces, test a small area to see how the product acts on it.

If removing by immersion, immerse the piece until the rust is completely removed. Then clean with water, dry and protect if necessary.

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