Conc. Windshield Washer with Repellent 1:20

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Do you want to enjoy driving in the rain, snow or hail? To make this possible , Conc. Windshield Washer with Sislim Repellent has been formulated.

The moment you activate the wipers on the rain , a waterproofing layer will be created, the droplets will slide off the windshield instantly.

Like Sislim Conc. Windshield Washer, it will provide excellent cleaning, eliminating insect marks, road dust and any type of dirt.

A more transparent vision, without whitish or foamy residues, allowing for more comfortable and safer driving on rainy days.

You will feel how the cleaners do not generate any type of noise in their wake.

Get 20L of Windshield Washer with each 1L unit.

Quantity 1L


Pour 1 part of product for every 20 parts of water into the tank, so that it is full.

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