361 All Purpose Car Cleaner

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Powerful, delicate and versatile. With these 3 words we define the 361 All Purpose Car Cleaner.

-361 is POWER, it allows us to clean insect marks, paint dirt, stains on upholstery and even engine grease, making it unnecessary to rub in many cases.
-361 is DELICACY, the most delicate parts such as leather, skin, alcantara are cleaned safely and deeply, eliminating any type of dirt without affecting the fabric or material.
-361 is VERSATILITY, we can treat any dirt, from water marks on paint, to mosquitoes, engines, motorcycles...
​Its high cleaning power makes it valid for both the interior and exterior ; Mosquitoes, leather, upholstery, dashboards, tires, carpet, engine... An essential product regardless of the type of cleaning or material we are going to treat our vehicles.


Apply directly to the surface to be cleaned.
Let it act for a few minutes and remove the remains of the product with a microfiber or damp cloth.
On upholstery: with persistent dirt, you can leave it on the surface for 15 minutes .
Elimination of mosquitoes: Apply directly to the area to be treated, leaving it to act for several minutes.
Next, remove with pressurized water or with a wet microfiber.
* Always use on cold surfaces, avoiding the product from drying out.

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