Antirust Protection Protector

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When speaking with restoration and nautical experts, they agree on the need to look for a treatment that prevents oxidation and is easy to apply.

To cover this need, Protector was created. When we apply this product on a metal surface we will see how it acts, protecting any metal alloy against oxidation and degradation. It forms a waxy film around the treated piece, sealing and protecting it against humidity and oxidation, thus achieving long and lasting protection.

When commenting on its characteristics, the high resistance of the treatment stands out, which even allows us to apply it in adverse climates, such as the presence of water, humidity or in saline environments. We will see how after its application the humidity and water is displaced from the treated piece.

Quantity 1L


-Previously clean the surface to be treated.

-Apply directly, spray, brush or directly immerse the piece to be treated.

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