Lemon Sport All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate 1L

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If we are looking for a basic cleaning product that can be used to treat any part, we are undoubtedly talking about Limón Sport.

We will be surprised by its high power of action , where we can see how we carry out a deep cleaning on any surface, while being safe. In many cases we will not even need to rub.

Limón Sport is delicate, this allows us to use it on materials such as polished, chrome, leather-skin... simply by grading the mixture.

It is versatile, and can be used for multiple tasks, from cleaning bodywork and engines, interiors (dashboards, upholstery, plastics, rubber...), to removing insects or cleaning any area of ​​our vehicle.

By applying it to the paint of our cars we will achieve shine and dust repellency, in addition to reducing or eliminating water marks.
Available formats: 1 and 5 liters.


Generic use: Dilute 1/10 (100ml of Lemon Sport in 900ml of Water). apply and wait 5-10 minutes, then rub and rinse.

Mosquito elimination: With a 1/5 dose, apply it directly to the area to be treated, leaving it to act for 3-5 minutes. Remove with a damp microfiber or pressure machine.

On upholstery with persistent dirt, leave it to act for 15 minutes, softening the dirt, for more effective removal.

*Always apply to cold surfaces, avoiding the product from drying out.

*For more persistent dirt, such as engine dirt, you can use pure or almost pure.

*Always rinse after use

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