Hydra Matte & Natural Conditioner

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When asking many people what their favorite interior finish is, many will undoubtedly say that they love seeing a factory interior. With this simple premise, the Mate&Natural Hidra conditioner was formulated.

The Hydra conditioner, made in water base, was created for the protection and treatment of the interior plastics of our cars, improving that factory appearance that we like so much.

It is especially designed to be applied to new cars or plastics in good condition. The first thing we will see when applying it is the ease of doing a gentle and non-aggressive maintenance cleaning.

As a conditioner we will enjoy seeing its two finishing possibilities: natural or matte color...and always with a dry touch, which will allow us to touch our plastics and perceive that sensation of dry cleanliness that prevents dust from sticking.

So that plastics remain in good condition for a long time, Hidra contains ingredients that protect against UV radiation.

Its formula allows it to be applied to leather, achieving instant nutrition.

After each use you will renew your car.

Available formats: 1/2 and 5 liters.


Natural finish: 

- Spray Hydra on a microfiber. spread over the treated pieces. Let dry and distribute evenly.

Color-matte finish:

- If we want to raise the color of the plastic one tone, apply directly and uniformly, leaving a film of Hydra, wait for it to dry on its own. Once dry, wipe with a cloth or microfiber.

*If you want to raise the tone further, repeat the operation.

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