Lambswool Glove

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If you are looking for an ultra-soft glove, feel how it slides over the body effortlessly and No generate a single scratch , we can only talk about the merino wool gloves.

The natural fibers create an ultra-soft washing medium that minimizes the possibility of swirls and other imperfections on the paint. You won't see anything as soft as natural sheepskin.

Dirt is trapped inside the glove, preventing the paint from being scratched during washing. By soaking the glove in the bucket of water, the dirt is immediately released.

If we had to describe the perfect combination for washing, without a doubt it would be the fusion of this wash glove with a shampoo with high lubrication such as Sislim Intense Shine Shampoo .

When you try it you will feel why many Detailers see it as the best washing glove.

As it is a handcrafted glove of natural origin, this item has no guarantee.

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