Ebony Tire Conditioner 500mL

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Thanks to its innovative formula, Ebony , it will keep the tires completely dark and self-cleaning for months. Water from a hose will be enough, in most cases, to keep them spotless. Its nanotechnological formula seals the pores of the tire, intensifying the colors and preventing the incrustation of dirt.

Two levels of finish depending on the type of application:

- Intense "wet look" shine
- Satin shine

Available formats: 1/2 and 5 liters.


Pre-clean the surface with a powerful cleaner such as PneuClean. Once the surface is clean and dry, apply directly.

* Tires: apply 20-25 grams per tire, without stretching excessively. If a satin finish is desired, apply water pressure after 24 hours.

* On exterior plastics: after 24 hours of application, remove excess with a microfiber or pressurized water. The optimal healing time is 1 day without coming into contact with water.

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