Clarolux Glass Cleaner with Repellent 750ml

Clarolux Glass Cleaner with Repellent 750ml

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Based on its older brother, Clarolux with Repellent combines glass cleaning, without leaving residue, with a powerful repellent effect against rain and water.

- Easy to Apply: Removes dirt from the glass easily and effortlessly. You will no longer see marks or scuffs in backlight after cleaning, absolute clarity.

- Ultra repellence: Its high rain repellency capacity allows us to improve visibility in times of rain, snow and hail, significantly improving our safety behind the wheel.

- Insurance on materials: When applying it on materials such as methacrylate we will avoid its opaqueness as it does not contain glycols or alcohols.

Clarolux with Repellent It is ideal for cleaning the exterior of your windows. Get an instant repellent effect.

Quantity: 750ml

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