Igol Rallye Gear 75w90 1L

Igol Rallye Gear 75w90 1L

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Coming from IGOL 's experience in Rally Raids, RALLYE GEAR has a special addition that gives it very high extreme pressure properties, allowing its use in all mechanical reducers, including those equipped with copper metals.
(non-corrosive action).
Along with these exceptional properties, its shear resistance, its very low
The viscosity at low temperatures and its very high viscosity index make it easy to change gears.
Additionally, RALLYE GEAR includes a friction modifying additive that authorizes its use.
on limited slip self-locking axles.

RALLYE GEAR is formulated in a TDL (Total Drive Line) concept that allows the use of the same product in gearboxes and axles: (produced in GL4 and GL5) without
without risk of corrosion, in particular synchronizers.

Builders approvals:

API GL-4 and GL-5

MIL-PRF-2105 E

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