Igol Hi Tech 5w30 5L

Igol Hi Tech 5w30 5L

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Synthetic oil developed on a technology with a low rate of sulfated ash ("Low SAPS") studied for EURO 5 and 6 diesel engines with particulate filter (DPF) and gasoline with catalyst to optimize the operation and useful life of the fuel systems. post-treatment.

IGOL PROFIVE HI TECH 5W-30 is a cutting-edge oil that meets or exceeds the requirements of many manufacturers and is compatible with the latest diesel or gasoline engine technologies.

Builders approvals:

MB - 229.52* / 229.51* / 229.31
BMW - LL-04 (N20)
VW - 505.00/505.01
GM- Dexos 2

Approved quality: Recommended use within the framework of manufacturers' guarantees.

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