Igol ATF 430 5L

Igol ATF 430 5L

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Fluid for automatic gearboxes, torque converters, steering, assisted hydrostatic transmissions and hydraulic or mechanical systems, where the DEXRON or MERCON standard is requested.

He ATF 430 It is fluid at low temperatures and allows a very good gear change when cold.
It has a very high viscosity index, so for the same viscosity when hot, it has greater fluidity at low temperatures, which makes it easier to start up in cold weather.
It presents very good resistance to oxidation and has excellent properties.
anti-wear, anti-corrosion, anti-foam. To protect the essential organs of automatic gearboxes and preserve the anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-foam qualities of hydrokinetic oils, IGOL recommends draining your circuit every 2 years.


- Its use is prohibited when MERCON® V, MERCON® SP or DEXRON® VI standards are required.
- For automatic transmissions requiring Ford EST-M2C33F/G products, use ATF type 33.

Builders approvals:



GM - Type A suffix A

Allison - C-4/TES-389

ZF - TE-ML 02F 03D 04D 05L 09 11B 14A 17C 21L

Voith - 55.6335

MAN - 339 Z1 / 339 V1

MB - p.236.1 / 236.5 / 236.9

VOLVO - 97341

FIAT - 9.55550.AG1 / 9.55550.AG2

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